This is a clone of my article here: Fabric Dyeing Notes This is a collection of wisdom and protips from the costume shop all about fabric dye. I try to write down as much as I can, since the human memory is unreliable! You should go dye! Dyeing isContinue Reading

New River Community College | Comic Con Breaking news: I just got invited as a cosplay guest for NRCC Comic-Con to guide people about starting, building and competing with cosplay! I am so excited to help so many people learn new skills and get into this hobby! In addition toContinue Reading

Try using your washer on hot water mode. Worried about dye getting in your normal clothes? After you’re done with dyeing, wash the washer by throwing in a towel and some detergent. Just wash a towel like normal, and the should pick up all teh dye. As usual, please beContinue Reading

My first version at cosplay contact cards! I finally got mine and gave them some test runs! I have my website & tumblr listed (, fb, deviantart, and a square to write what I dressed up as. Do you use them? Show me a link! How do you use them?Continue Reading

In general, front-loading washers are much gentler on clothing than the top-loaders. The agitators in the top-loaders can stress your clothes. In contrast, the top-loading washing machines are better in dyeing fabric than front loaders. The agitator in water allows the dye to mix into the fabric evenly. Source: MyContinue Reading

Want to make white shirts whiter? Dump ¼ cup of baking soda in a wash in addition to your detergent. Also, use one of the best brighteners around: the sun. In a sunny day, go hang your white clothing. ‪Continue Reading