Try using your washer on hot water mode. Worried about dye getting in your normal clothes? After you’re done with dyeing, wash the washer by throwing in a towel and some detergent. Just wash a towel like normal, and the should pick up all teh dye. As usual, please beContinue Reading

In general, front-loading washers are much gentler on clothing than the top-loaders. The agitators in the top-loaders can stress your clothes. In contrast, the top-loading washing machines are better in dyeing fabric than front loaders. The agitator in water allows the dye to mix into the fabric evenly. Source: MyContinue Reading

Want to make white shirts whiter? Dump ¼ cup of baking soda in a wash in addition to your detergent. Also, use one of the best brighteners around: the sun. In a sunny day, go hang your white clothing. ‪Continue Reading