📸: Zero Serenity Photography

  • For: Espeon
  • Estimated build duration: Solid month

This is the crown jewel of this project; how can I use up as many different and divergent fabrics in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and reminiscent of the romani culture?

Media/Materials used

  • Any purples, lilacs, maroons, and pink fabrics in my scraps
  • curtain-rod fairy lights, with 200 LEDS
  • 75 yards of trim
  • 1 spool of blue serger thread that I regretted buying, and needed to be used up

Notable Construction Notes

How to design a cohesive design with divergent fabrics? The answer is: lots of planning and measuring. I measured how much yardage of fabric I had, and categorized them based on color. I designed different ways to distribute the different categories I had, by color and pattern.


This was built mid-pandemic, and I didn’t realize that poofy skirts kept people at a safe distance! Because the skirt is thick, people stand further away from me. Cosplayer friends who cosplay ballgowns: why didn’t you tell me this fact sooner?!? I would have made a skit like this on day one of the pandemic, haha.

Not only is this skirt wonderful to wear by itself, in streetwear settings, but I also wear it as a cute dress! Lately I’ve wanted to reinvent cosplay to give me streetwear clothes, to secretly cosplay in plain sight.

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