• Character: Red Blood Cell
  • Series: Cells at Work
  • Worn at: Carriercon 2019, Crunchyroll Expo 2018, 2019, Fanime 2019, Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Parade 2019
  • Estimated build duration: 1 week

As the lead character of an educational show, she is a red blood cell personified as a delivery girl. The show is a clever, charming, action-packed educational show about cell biology in the body.

She is a tad ditzy, and attracts trouble. This character is, debatably, a sickle-cell, who isn’t great at delivering nutrients throughout the body. But her expressiveness and curiosity makes you love this character.

I started using this delivery role as a way to deliver snacks to fellow cosplayers and congoers live. I took her supporting role more literally, and finally built a full cosplay repair and support box as my prop box.

Media/Materials used

  • Pulled shirt and shorts
  • Fanny bag, from red purse
  • Black rimmed hat as a base
  • Red sweatshirt fabric for bolero jacket
  • Box (any)
  • Button and button-maker for the little ae 3803 on her hat
  • Short red wig on amazon
  • white gloves


  • Self-drafted bolero jacket
  • Symbols on boxes, redone on Illustrator

Construction Notes/WIP

The jacket was not bad to pattern, as I reused a prior block pattern and get the general shape. The same red fabric used for the jacket was used as a shell for the hat.

My favorite part of this design was the cosplay repair box, as I thought various ways to hold and add compartments to many resources cosplayers may need.


The brilliance of this costume is that, since it’s one of many cells, all cosplayers are all canon! So, interacting with twinnies is more of a delight than usual. Other cosplayers also gave out candies, and that was sweet to swap snacks to one another.

I’m so delighted that I found a chance to build a portable cosplay repair box that helped people. I included compartments for:

  • snacks
  • water bottles (mini ones)
  • power bank with a USB-multiple plugs
  • Mirror with a soft light
  • Hairpins

I have met new friends by helping them out! The only thing that that I was asked about but could not provided was some quick-dry adhesive that you may want to have in your repair box.

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