• Character: Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino, kimono version
  • Series: Sailor Moon
  • Worn at: Tsubasacon 2018, San Francisco Anime Festival 2018
  • Estimated build duration: 1 month on/off
  • Awards: Sewing Sorcerer Cosplay Award at San Francisco Anime Festival 2018

Relying on traditional kimono techniques, this project was a practice in making a true summer kimono, and one that flatters my shape.

Media/Materials used

  • Green cotton, with the set embroidery
  • light green lining
  • Sailor Jupiter’s laces as the ties in the obi
  • Obi


Self-drafted, relying on traditional kimono drafting techniques. This was a good historical study on kimonos, the patterns and styles. It was really interesting to see that these shapes are done entirely by hand-sewn rectangles that can reused, cleaned and updated individually.

Construction Notes/WIP

This build was such a learning experience; I appreciated even more the simplicity and beauty of kimonos. Not only did I became more read on all the parts, order, assembly and the wearing order of kimonos, but it was brilliant to see that this was mostly rectangles!

I decided that I needed to build it for various reasons. First, kimonos help support a beautiful cylindrical shape; it’s mostly made of rectangles, and no darts. There are many supporting and understructure kimono pieces that pad out and add towards many areas on the body. I, however, am not anywhere of a cylindrical shape! The solution wasn’t to just turn me into a cylinder. I needed to test and try it out.

Also, while I saw a ton of kimonos online, I learned my wingspan alone would render most kimonos too small for me.

So, after plenty of mock-ups, and arranging the fabric pieces to position the flowers in the best places, this debuted for a Sailor Moon gathering.


After the journey, this design lies mostly flat on my body and flatters my shape at the same time. It was quite a challenge to balance what the pattern wants to do, and how to get it smooth on me. Inadvertently, while I built it with light cottons, it was still quite warm!

I’d love any reason to show this off again!

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