Undertale group! I was TEMmie (with a cart now!), and with Frisk and Napstablook! One of the first pictures I got taken at the con and I’m so glad I got this photo~ This was my first con now that I can waddled without help, and I had such an awesomeContinue Reading

We all love to improve our skills. Our To Do lists are HUGE because we’re a passionate, ambitious group of people. But we don’t usually put a To-Do to improve our social skills. Social skills are incredibly important! The Sailor Moon photo above couldn’t have been done without it! TheContinue Reading

New River Community College | Comic Con Soon! Want to go to a FREE con? on Halloween? How about how to learn how to cosplay? Come check out NRCC Comic con! I’ll be a cosplay guest there (which I’m super excited over!) and I and others will be giving cosplayContinue Reading

I’m co-hosting International Cosplay Day at Virginia Tech on August 29, from 12:30pm-5pm! So, if you’re nearby, come join us! As for updates, we have: Costume craftsmanship contest, with top winners to get tickets to conventions! One of the most scenic areas in the area as your costume’s backdrop, theContinue Reading

Looking to meet with a ton of wonderful craftsman, actors, photographers, cosplayers and general fun people? Come check out the Int’l Cosplay Day at Virginia Tech! https://www.facebook.com/events/1618765611702817/ We have a ton of awesome activities and networking to be an even better cosplayer, and we even have a cosplay contest withContinue Reading

A while ago, right after I got back from an anime con, I saw a flood of new Facebook cosplay pages pop up. Many of them spammed local FB groups, posting things like “Like my page!”, “If I get X likes, I’ll do a Q&A” or “I’ll do a giveawayContinue Reading

Here’s how I manage my multiple-people costuming projects! Here is a screenshot of what I use, Microsoft’s OneNote. I can easily stuff in pictures, to-do lists, little notes, tables, sketches and lots of other little things. I use it to store my image references, progress on each piece, to-do’s onContinue Reading

New River Community College | Comic Con Breaking news: I just got invited as a cosplay guest for NRCC Comic-Con to guide people about starting, building and competing with cosplay! I am so excited to help so many people learn new skills and get into this hobby! In addition toContinue Reading