Undertale group! I was TEMmie (with a cart now!), and with Frisk and Napstablook! One of the first pictures I got taken at the con and I’m so glad I got this photo~

This was my first con now that I can waddled without help, and I had such an awesome time! Here’s a super quick Awesome Con 2016 overview:

  • 2 fantastic photoshoots for my two costumes, Mulan & Undertale’s Temmie! A talented photographer with a motivating, enthusiastic and encouraging outlook makes the world a difference!
  • 2 major prizes got donated for my charity Sailor Moon event!! Will share more info in a bit!
  • 2 (too) much money spent on art! So TEMpting! I love it all! <3
  • 1 -st time helping out at a booth at Artist Alley, my favorite parts of the con. I loved bragging about a friend’s art, talking to enthusiastic attendees, and getting some sales in!
  • 1 wheelchair cosplay converted to a shopping cart cosplay. It was super handy for my friends to just put stuff in the cart!
  • 0 tem flakes and gold left! This time I decided to give tem flakes and gold nuggets, and I ran out so fast each day! I had so much fun handing these out and hanging out with cosplayers and attendees! <3

If I saw you at Awesome Con, come say HOI! Here’s what I dressed up as:

Friday & Sunday: Undertale’s Temmie with a cart

Saturday: Disney’s Mulan

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