When you’re at the cash register at JoAnn’s with all that delicious fabric, you want the best deals. With the major help of a JoAnn’s expert perpetualbellygoddess, here’s a to-do list for you before you hit that cash register to maximize your Joann coupon collection starting with those with theContinue Reading

Here’s how I manage my multiple-people costuming projects! Here is a screenshot of what I use, Microsoft’s OneNote. I can easily stuff in pictures, to-do lists, little notes, tables, sketches and lots of other little things. I use it to store my image references, progress on each piece, to-do’s onContinue Reading

Costuming protip: When draping fabric on your/dressform/your friend, work from the top-down. Shoulders first, then to the bust, and side seams. That way, wrinkles and adjustments can fall in the right place. Photo attribution: “Dress formSerie1893”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/…/File:Dress_formSerie1893.jpgContinue Reading

This is a clone of my article here: http://craftysorceress.deviantart.com/art/Fabric-Dyeing-Notes-528009771 Fabric Dyeing Notes This is a collection of wisdom and protips from the costume shop all about fabric dye. I try to write down as much as I can, since the human memory is unreliable! You should go dye! Dyeing isContinue Reading

Try using your washer on hot water mode. Worried about dye getting in your normal clothes? After you’re done with dyeing, wash the washer by throwing in a towel and some detergent. Just wash a towel like normal, and the should pick up all teh dye. As usual, please beContinue Reading

Found a perfect piece at the thrift store but it isn’t quite the right color? Try dying it! Remember you can turn lighter colors to a darker color. If it’s made of natural stuff like cotton, go check out some Rit Dye. If it has some man-made material like polyester,Continue Reading