When you’re at the cash register at JoAnn’s with all that delicious fabric, you want the best deals.

With the major help of a JoAnn’s expert perpetualbellygoddess, here’s a to-do list for you before you hit that cash register to maximize your Joann coupon collection starting with those with the least effort: 

  • Have the site up on your phone. Click on the “coupons” link. Free coupons for you with no sign-up needed!
  • Download the JoAnn’s app on your phone. There’s a coupon section right there!
  • Go get coupons from JoAnn’s competitors (Michaels-except on fabric, books or the like, Hancock, ACMoore, and Hobby Lobby). It can be physical flyers/electronic, whatever. They accept ONE of each competitor coupons per transaction. Hobby Lobby always has a 40% coupon!
  • Check out for coupons on JoAnn’s and JoAnn’s competitors too! RetailMeNot counts as a competitor, so you can only do one of these!
  • Sign up for Joann’s to send you texts full of coupons. The first time you sign up you get a 20% off your total purchase coupon that day. (To be super nice to your favorite store, ask an employee that you want to sign up. The store gets a nice boost if you do so! Thanks for the tip drkarayua!)
  • Sign up for their email listing, and come to the register pre-loaded with the coupons you need. I prefer to have the coupons loaded on the browser, since I use multiple coupons form multiple emails.
  • Sign up for their mail listing too. Get coupons and bring them!
  • If you’re a:
    •  Student, bring your student ID and ask the cashier to sign up for their student discount card. It gives you 10% off everything on non-discounted items, so it’s always good to have. Discontinued.
    • Teacher, bring in some ID (teacher is or pay stub) and get a card for 15% off your total purchase. No longer.
    • member of the military, or have family members who are or were, bring your ID or bring them with their ID with you to get 10% off your total purchase.
    • member of a quilting guild, you can also receive a card for 10% off with ID.

Here are some caveats from the experts like you all:

  • Use your biggest discounts first and work your way down. Thanks capiscion!
  • Coupons don’t work on Sewing Machines, Irons, Patterns, or Cricket/cricket similar supplies. Sometimes total purchase coupons will work on them though! (Not always and very rarely. It depends on the sale/coupon but I’ve seen it happen a few times).
  • JoAnn’s does not stack coupons. So if you use a coupon for 40% off an item, you don’t get the 10% off as well. But if the item is already on sale you get the extra 10%.

Sometimes, it’s better that an item is not on sale you can discount it massively with coupons!

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to check out my collaborator and expert perpetualbellygoddess!

(image attribution: under creative commons generic)

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