• For: Espeon from Pokemon
  • Estimated build duration: Months for learned glass fuse, few few weeks on rest

The initial designs dramatically deviated from the initial sketches to what had a great silhouette on me. I started with comically huge ears, with heavy glass earrings. Now those earrings are a part of the necklace, along with adjusting the ears so they’re not comically huge!

Media/Materials used

  • Unused scarf
  • Fused glass materials and jewelry findings
  • Red fairy lights
  • heart glass pendant (unused)
  • Ears from the minky fleece, echoing from espeon plushie fabric
  • Amazon wig

Notable Construction Notes

Learning to fuse glass for this necklace was always a dream for me! I love that art, despite the high initial cost; I took a class where I used the instructor’s materials, and after many failed attempts to get a feel of jewelry design, I think I got the hang of it. The design came from a lillac wavy glass layered with a clear speckled glass.

I paper prototyped my initial long ears that are right for the pokemon, but to right for me! I initially liked the head scar as it is, but after revisiting the ears and using the plushie’s ears, I grew to like the little ones. It’s not hilarious, but it rhymes with the espeon plushies.


While sewing the trim and the electronics was labor-intensive and worthwhile, I especially love how well the necklace fits in with the garment, along with the ears and wavy wig. The

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