• Awards: Star City Anime, 1st Place costume craftsmanship competition, Honorable mention in Masters Tsubasacon 2014
  • Character(s): Mikasa Ackerman
  • Series: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Estimated build duration: hundreds of hours, especially on the props

She’s a strong, protecting character who has gone through tragedy to be a talented soldier. She is imperfect, trying to muster such strength in such tragedy. I love cosplaying characters that have such strength.

I learned that I loved making heavy props with making these costumes, so I wear it every chance I get. I made mostly everything, and the 3DMG especially was a labor of love.

Can you guess what the most expensive material was?

Media/Materials used for entire costume

  • Thick cardboard (for moving. I got it for free from Wine stores, who have cardboard appropriate for moving fragile items securely)
  • Leather tape for the harnesses
  • Paint strips and foam for swords and blades
  • Used CDs, pocky boxes, and carved styrofoam for the motor
  • Foam for all added parts
  • Cotton for the jacket
  • Pleather for skirt
  • Heated transfer pattern for the Survey Corp symbol
  • Black wig
  • White shirt, pants and boots were pulled

Notable Construction Notes

Like any heavy-props build, weight is crucial, and materials dictate how heavy the prop is, along with how long you’ll stay on the con floor. For this build, I chose heavyweight cardboard, and it was both lightweight and durable. The core of the props were rather inexpensive. In the portfolio notes for props, I share the most expensive part, which is very reasonable. Here are more details on the 3d maneuver gear builds.

The jacket and pleather skirt was a fun build, as I explored a mix of both inexpensive and fancy materials to generate a low-status, military garment that may end up being in a Titan’s stomach.


This build was what made me love heavy builds. They’re impressive, detailed, and such a stand-out in conventions. I was the proudest of the gear built. It was lightweight, durable, and any potential bend can easily make it battle damage. I could easily navigate through cons, as well as one can, wearing boxes on legs.

Mikasa was such a delight to cosplay; once Attack on Titan finishes the final season, I’m tempted to watch the entire thing again; maybe the cosplay bug bit me again for version 2.0!

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