Get that perfect pokeball shape for any occasion, whether it’s on hats of the main protagonists of Pokemon Black/White or other Pokemon series, or you want the symbol on t-shirts, purses, etc.

This stencil & tutorial lets you get a close-to-perfect outline of a pokeball.


Hat on Touko from Pokemon Black & White


  1. Download the pattern by right-clicking the image and hitting “save image as…”. Save it in to your computer.
  2. Drag-drop/insert the image into a word document, and adjust the stencil size to whatever you desire.
  3. Print it out.
  4. Fold on one of the dotted lines, then fold a second time by the second dotted line, making sure the pokeball part with the solid lines, is visible.
  5. Cut out the stencil, according to the solid lines.
  6. Unfold, and you are done! You see a pokeball stencil, which you can use to paint fabric, draw, etc.

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