I’m a co-host for Intenational Cosplay Day at Virginia Tech this Sunday, and given all the games, food, costume contest, workshops and fun we’ll have, if you’re interested, RSVP here: http://tinyurl.com/VTCosplay I’m the costume craftsmanship judge, so I look forward to seeing you all!Continue Reading

Media: Polymer clay, acrylic paint, polyurathane varathane for finishing Details: This pendant went through 4 full iterations as I learned to make the unusual shape, bake it such that it kept its shape, keep the contours smooth throughout the process, and paint it with satisfactory results. The biggest challenge wasContinue Reading

Bigger version here References: Stitch n Bitch by Debbie Stoller, book found here: http://www.amazon.com/Stitch-N-Bitch-Knitters-Handbook/dp/0761128182 . This book really helped me get started with knitting, and even has their own wristband pattern and tutorial that helped guide this knitting guide. Results: Touko’s Knitted Wristbands used in Pokemon Rivals © Touko/White from Pokemon/Nintendo/Game FreakContinue Reading

Get that perfect pokeball shape for any occasion, whether it’s on hats of the main protagonists of Pokemon Black/White or other Pokemon series, or you want the symbol on t-shirts, purses, etc. This stencil & tutorial lets you get a close-to-perfect outline of a pokeball. Results Hat on Touko from Pokemon BlackContinue Reading

Pokemon Black & White, from Touko’s costume here, with references Media: Knitting Patterns used: My tutorial for you here (and on DeviantArt) Results: These were generally fast to make, fast enough to make 2 sets. The topmost pair was the first iteration, and the bottom-most was the latest iteration. Given howContinue Reading

I was delighted to see a new news article on DeviantArt that was relevant to my interests, shown here about how cosplay can translate into identities, virtual or otherwise. The author poses questions for cosplayers, and I figured to answer it here. The questions were taken from the  article, so pleaseContinue Reading

I got asked by one of my lovely friends on tips on how to get started on cosplaying. Since comments on DeviantArt, nor notes on Tumblr aren’t searchable yet, and I have lost lots of good conversations on comments because I couldn’t remember which deviation did we have the conversationContinue Reading

Using embroidery floss for doll hair gives your plushie a very natural, realistic feel to it. This is especially great if you can combine colors.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use embroidery floss (and yarns) and how to attach it. Continue Reading